Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work.

I see design as one of the most effective ways to educate society about issues that they would not normally be privy to understanding or are used to being exposed to. It is one of the best ways to reach someone on a personal and human level, and most of my design tries to focus on this; I have been recently been concentrating on telling stories, both personal and learned. It is through constantly questioning and learning that I feel design is best explored, and after one understands design as a process, they can continue this exploration. I enjoy relating to people, and getting those who would not normally relate to others, to do so. The inherent power in design is endless, and through my work, I hope to help society relate better to itself, and to shed light on the daily minutiae that always seems to go unnoticed.

So poke around, explore, and ask questions. Inside is a collection of projects, both personal and professional, and it is my hope that you will enjoy the work that is presented as much as I enjoyed creating each piece.